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 So yeah.  You totally just based one of the cons for your Leverage bigbang story off a pervy Red Hot Chili Peppers song.  I hope you're proud of yourself.  

*That's* not going to come back and bite you three chapters down the line, not at all...

*giggles anyway*

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1.  Supernatural's season finale- no spoilers, but at least the one thing I was really afraid would happen didn't happen.  
2.  The Cars have a new album out.  It's quite good, and is on repeat.
3.  I don't like being sick, even if it is just a head cold.
4.  Sleeping.  Not only does the need to sleep totally get in the way of the thousand things I want/have to get done every day, sometimes it decides to mess with me for the rest of the day.  Worse?  I start dreaming up  NyQuil-driven OTPs, scour the net, and find that I'm the only person on the entire interweb who's this silly/ doped up/ totally on to something, here.

 Anyhow, if you want to see the full extent of what I'm talking about, read on..

Jen's ridiculously vivid, slashy, horribly distracting and very silly dream. )

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Seriously.  It means that an entire chapter is almost nothing but dialogue and navel-gazing.  And waay too much talking.  Granted, it needed to happen, but man, am I sick of writing conversations over the comm links.  

Oh well.  Next chapter, I'll be sure to work in a few explosions and sword fights, just to make up for it.  
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1. It's been long enough since I've tried writing any Firefly that I CANNOT WRITE DIALOGUE ANY MORE.  Editing is a biyatch!
2. Jensen and Cougar are SLOWLY sneaking out of the corner that I managed to write them into.  SLOWLY.  They're being fucking STEALTHY, yo.  
3. Man, at some point, there's supposed to be some C in the h/c, right?  Do you *know* what it takes for me to actually start feeling sorry for the people I'm writing about?!  
4. If someone would come and steal my television from my apartment, I'd actually appreciate it. 
5.  I've figured out that Sanctuary is SyFy's Stargate replacement- I mean, with Stargate Galactica having the namesake or whatever, that's one thing, but story wise, framing, and obviously the cast, there's so much crossover that I'm completely boggled that nobody's written the story that I'm really trying not to think about.  REALLY HARD.
6.  I've decided that I'm okay not starting off writing the next Leverage epic until the season picks up again.  Honestly.  I'm sure I'll be rabidly insipired- even more so than I am now- when I have Fresh!new evidence of awesomeness to keep me up at night.
7. I am, however, pulling the notes together for the next hc_bingo story, because I miss Ronon and John way too much, and it would be lovely to think that I almost got *something* done this weekend.

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 *looks at flist*


How the hell did I manage to get so far behind?  OTOH, tomorrow night after work is going to be the awesomest reading-fest in the history of EVAH.
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On the plus side, I've got about a week's worth of fics to read this evening, and an entire weekend to get one or two that've been knocking around my braincase all week OUT of said braincase, in order that I may have all that extra space ready and raring to go for the NEXT HELLISH WEEK OF WORK.

Okay. I feel better now.
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You're liable to do something insane, like sign up for [ profile] hc_bingo 

Even though you've already got plotbunnies gnawing at your ankles.

And you're already making another soundtrack for the next story, which you've got outlined.

And there's that old SGA/ Firefly crossover that's been sitting around so long you can't even remember where the story went next.


On the plus side, the next chapter of "The Everlasting" is written!  Due to aforementioned sleep deprivation (seriously, it's almost 6 in the morning, here), I am waiting until this afternoon/evening to scan over it, edit, spell check, all that jazz, before posting.

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Never going so long without internet access again.  Nope.  Never going camping again.  Ever.  Even if it is sort of fun, and you get used to yanking wood ticks out of your flesh after the first day or two.  Took me three hours to catch up on emails, and I still haven't had time to read any of the fun stuff that got posted in my absence... But yay!  First night in a week to just sit down in front of the computer and actually try writing something, if I ever get my head back into the game...  :)

Anyhow, in case I'm needing a break later tonight: Have any of you lovely peeps on the flists read anything brilliant the last few days?  Or have any awesome story recs you've been dying to make? 

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even if you've been thinking about Eleven/Amy/Rory OT3 for the past four hours now. Seriously. Remember that apocafic you're working on? Remember that*other* apocafic one that you've had shelved for, like, a year? Oh, and what about the 5 half-started ones you've got sitting on the desktop, huh?

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Eeek, the [ profile] satedan_grabass  project kicked my butt! But it's done, now, FINALLY!

I feel like Sam Seaborn(e?) from the West Wing.  Could  Not Stop Tweaking It!

*falls asleep for a hundred years*
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I actually got the idea, wrote the story (such as it is) edited, and posted it (or, will, in a second, here0 in the same day.

Okay, so it might show in the final product, such as it is, but I'm still damned proud of myself. I'll probably find like a million typos tomorrow evening, though.

*posting anyway*
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Ronon and John get surly when you ignore them for too long.  My [ profile] satedan_grabass  assignment is seriously going to kill me.

I suppose it would help if I could focus- I really hate having 4.5 different stories I'm wanting to work on all at once.  I just wind up spending like 15 minutes on one, get an idea for that next bit of dialogue for the next, bounce on to the third, and so on. 

The really funny part, though?  Deciding which porn goes in which story.  It's like insert tab A into slot B, insert this into story 2, cut out that other bit and paste it into the 4th one, consider making the first story a gen deal, just so you can knock this the hell off, then realize that you have no idea how they got from the jumper to the bed to the field out behind the village.  At least not without someone noticing them running through the gate butt nekkid.  

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So I was trying to type "gurney" and wound up with "guernsey." Several times. Because apparently I've decided that Atlantis has a dairy farm, and that some of the cows are moonlighting in the infirmary....
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So I'm doing, er, research, yeah, watching the SGA episode "Inferno" (the one where they're in the middle of the Volcano and McKay's trying to get the Orion functional while trying to flirt with the blonde scientist lady).   I never noticed it before, but in the scene towards the end, while he's trying to get the shields up and the volcano's about to go, he's under a console and freaks out because he bent his fingernail backwards, and when he shows everyone the massive injury, he totally flips them all off.

*goes back to not being a 6th grader*
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Otherwise you will find yourself giggling and writing the word "tumescent" over and over again. And giggling some more.




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Angst soup needs more angst.


Managed to get about two sentences into the next chapter for MIUTB, and it's all been downhill from there...I'm never going to get this resolved, am I?

NEXT time, for real. I'm writing happy fluff that WON'T devolve into the most depressing angstparty the world's ever seen.

Whatever. I think at this point all my writerly happy marshmallow fluff is being spent being all excited for [ profile] satedan_grabass  at the moment. CAN NOT WAIT. 

Gah. *puts rewriting goggles on and dives back in*
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I'm having one of those days where everything I read and look at is totally inspiring, and I want to go out and start a thousand different things at once (or, to be honest, stay in and write them) but I don't know where to begin. Curse you all for being so interesting!

*Takes a deep breath, reminds herself to keep focused, and gets her ass back to work*
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Or maybe it's the cold meds.  Who knows.  I'm kind of hoping I'm still feeling crappy enough to call in sick to work tonight, but it might not be possible.  But in the meantime: back to sleep with me, and setting the alarm to get up in time to watch TV. 


And I'm sleep deprived as all getout and too braindead tto make any sort of sense, here.  


The End.
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*sits down at computer*

*cracks knuckles*

Okay, where the heck was I?

*dives back in to the entire writing game, because THE HOLIDAZE IS OVAH!!!*


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