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SGA SG1, a little Firefly, and I'm calling my SGU OTP right now.   :)

"One True Pairing" ship: SGA: John Sheppard/Ronon Dex. I know, big shock.  

"One True Threesome" ship: Ronon/Teyla/John, I suppose

"Canon" ship: Vala/Daniel: Because I'm halfway through season 10 right now, and Vala is the awesomest thing to happen to the series in seasons, now.  Vala picking on/ flirting with/ totally-steamrolling Daniel is now my favorite part of the show.   

"Not Quite Canon but Should Be" ship: Weir/ That One Dude She Went To Lunch With in "Sunday."  Because, dammit, Weir was awesome, Simon was a dork, and it turns out, I've got a soft spot for obnoxious tenacity.  (See above.  Also, my favorite romantic comedy is 10 Things I Hate About You, so...yeah).

"If This Happens I'll Stab My Eyes Out with a Spork" ship: Keller/Ronon. Probably wouldn't have minded it if it wasn't such a triangle thing, because I really don't like the idea of someone losing out.  I liked Keller with Rodney (though the balcony scene at the end was totally cloying), because it was pretty much the only time on the entire show that she seemed sure of herself, or what she wanted, rather than whining and hemming and hawing over everything.  

"You Are One Sick Bastard" ship: Jack/Baal. Sorry, I just don't see it!

"I'm One Sick Bastard" ship: And yet I'll 'ship John/Todd!

"I Dabble a Little" ship: Ronon/ Jayne from Firefly.  At the time being.  

"It's Like a Car Crash" ship: Keller/Ronon.  Because it was awkward and took up way too much of season 5.  I really don't like triangles, though, and never really have, and so it was kind of a relief that she hooked up with McKay.  Also;  because the episode where they hook up was funny, and I liked that they hooked up in the alternate future thing in "the last man."

"Tickles My Fancy but Not Sold Quite Yet" ship:  Totally stealing [ profile] scrollgirl's answer here:  Ronon/Amelia.  Felt kind of shoved together after all the Keller stuff, but Amelia's one of the characters I wish they'd done more with.  

"Makes No Canon Sense but Why the Hell Not" ship: Woolsey/Lorne.  They could have fantastic pillowtalk about Sheppard's reports.  :)

"Everyone Else Loves It but I Just Don't Feel It" ship: John/Rodney: But I think it's due to overexposure more than anything else.

"Guilty Pleasure" ship: Zelenka/Anyone- seriously.  Zelenka makes me happy. 

"I Can't Believe I Read It and Liked It" ship: I read one story that was gen, but it focused on Parrish and Ronon.  Something about Parrish starting to grow some plants that had been native to Sateda for Ronon.  It was really good.  

"Favourite 'Older/Younger'" ship:  Jack/Daniel

"My First 'I Could Never Abandon You'" ship: Jack/Daniel. Though I haven't read much lately, so maybe I could abandon it....hmm.

"Favourite Devotion" ship: John/Ronon.  Dammit.  

"Favourite Never-Met" ship: I don't get this one.  Uh.  Vala/Zelenka.  Would be awesome.  

"Favourite Pervy TOTAL CRACK ship: Fandom can make anything and everything pervy, depending on the writer, so I don't have an answer for that.  But I do already have my  SGU OTP:  BEGBIE/RICHIE VALENS.  It's gonna rule, trust me.  Or.  You know.  Don't.  

"Favourite Dominance Battle" ship: Daniel/Vala;  The first time they meet, there is fighting, attempted hijacking, name calling, kissing, and Daniel doing that "I'm squishing your head" *pinch pinch* thing.  And it just goes from there.  It's the only time I've ever actively enjoyed shippy stuff on one of my shows.  


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